Songbücher und Lehrmethoden
Songbooks and Methods
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Brazilian Guitar

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Sampler of my CDs with
additional unpublished material.

Sketches of Rio

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with Pedro Tagliani
and Gilson de Assis

Diskographie - die meisten CD's sind leider vergriffen, aber ich hoffe bald damit auf allen Streaminplattformen vertreten zu sein.
Discographie - most of these CD's are out of stock at the moment, but I hope to have them soon on all streaming platforms.

Tango Brasileiro

1988, recorded at Trio Sound Studio, Frankfurt by Walter Brüssow.

My first CD with Brazilian Choros.


1991, recorded at Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg by Carlos Albrecht.

Contemporary Brazilian Music.

Waiting for dawn

1998, recorded at Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg by Carlos Albrecht.

Music by Sergio Assad, Andrew York, Christina Azuma and others

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1993, recorded at Bauer Studios Ludwigsburg by Carlos Albrecht.

My best selling CD.

Samba Urbano

1995, recorded at Vocaland Studios by Georg Niehusmann.

Samba and Choros with Gilson de Assis – percussion and Claudio Menandro – guitar.


2000, recorded Live at Hinterhalt, Gelting.

Tango and more with Matthias Löhlein - violin, from the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra

Brazilian Dances

1987, LP recorded at Trion Sound Studios by Walter Brüssow.

My first record
available only as LP.
I have a few left.
Ask me about the price. (expensive!)

The white Indian

2008, recorded at Acoustic Music Studio, Osnabrück by Peter Finger.

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Accompanying the  
Villa Lobos Duo.
€ 14,80

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